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Friday, January 22, 2010

Converting 3.5E Adventures to 2E - Thought 1

As I have been reposting the session summaries of our 2E game that I originally posted at Ode to Black Dougal I have been thinking about other posts I can make. One that quickly came to mind was about the process of converting a 3.5E adventure to 2E.

My first thought about these conversions was about how the different design parameters between the two rulesets would alter the difficulty of the encounters. The main thing that I was thinking about was 3.5's basic premise that a baseline encounter involves 4 characters and 1 level appropriate monster. 2nd edition does not have this same baseline.

These different design assumptions will likely require that when I convert an encounter I will have to focus not on making a one-for-one mechanical conversion but instead on keeping the same themes and flavour as well as making the encounter challenging and fun. Sometimes this will require me to make the opponent encountered tougher or increase the number of opponents in the encounter.

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