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Monday, April 12, 2010

2E Rise of the Runelords - Session 12

Into the Mushfens

This adventure was played on March 30, 2010 and featured:
- Toran Stargazer, a human thief,
- Vicoren Brightshield, a human priest of Desna,
- Arug, an Alaghi pitfighter,
- Gabriel Solomon, a Chelaxian swashbuckler,
- Sephara 'Na, a half-elven magic-user, and
- Evo, the human Conjurer.

Summary: The party travels to the muddy village of Lonely Shore and follows Brodert to an ancient Thassilonian pyramid.

1. To Lonely Shore – Returning to Sandpoint from the Tomb of Blood Everflowing there is a note awaiting Sephara from Brodert saying that he had gone ahead to the village of Lonely Shore to set up a base for investigating a ruined pyramid. The party spent a couple of days preparing and then set off to the village which was located on the edge of the Mushfens.
2. What a nice place – Arriving at the small, muddy village of Lonely Shore the party meets Brodert and makes plans for journeying into the swamp. In the lone inn in the village, the party meets Evo the Conjurer who joins up with them.
3. Into the Mushfens – The journey into the swamp is uneventful even though it is rumoured to be the home of Bullywugs and Marsh Giants.
4. The Black Pyramid – Finding the black stepped pyramid the party fights a pair of fungal ogres and finds a trapdoor in a recessed face on the top level. Dropping down into the pyramid the most of party fights a giant worm-monster which infects Arug with a disease. They then find a runewell and some sinspawn which are quickly defeated.
5. Never Split the Party – Unwilling to drop down the trapdoor into the pyramid magic-users trying a secret side entrance where Evo quickly dies a mysterious death.

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