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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

2E Rise of the Runelords - Session 11

The Tomb of Blood Everflowing

This adventure was played on March 4, 2010 and featured:
- Toran Stargazer, a human thief,
- Vicoren Brightshield, a human priest of Desna,
- Arug, an Alaghi pitfighter,
- Gabriel Solomon, a Chelaxian swashbuckler,
- Sephara 'Na, a half-elven magic-user, and
- Cabell, a dwarven wayfinder (fighter/thief)

Summary: The party investigates the red marble amulet and sets off to an ancient tomb in search of the missing key and the stolen book.

My notes are a bit sparse for this session…
1. Residents of Sandpoint: The party spends a couple of weeks following their return from Thisletop to takae care of a number of things in Sandpoint. The group finally makes arrangements with the mayor for them to buy the rundown manor house that the Green Dagger Gang used for a hideout. The plan being to use it as a lodge for a fledgling adventurers' guild they are planning on establishing. Gabriel did some asking around about the Two Knight Brewery as he is interested in setting up a brewery of his own. Sephara spends some time copying spells into her spellbook, talking with Brodert and Ilsoari.

2. The Harrowing: While Gabell is returning from the armorer's shop, he runs into Madame Mvashti, the venerable varisian seer and historian. She tells him to bring his companions to her shack for a Harrowing (kind of like a tarot reading). At the reading she tells them 1) the locksmith is holding something back, 2) the final answer regarding marriage is still unclear, and 3) a dark pact lies in their future.

3. Chopper's Island: The party spends an evening investigating Chopper's Island. They find the island deserted with the burned and ruined foundations of Jervis Stoot's house. They are unable to move some of the beams that have been lying over the entrance to the old cellar. Vicoren cast Detect Evil and senses the undisturbed evil down below.

4. The Tomb of Blood Everflowing: After spending some time investigating the red marble amulet that was found previously, the group sets off in search of the ancient tomb to which the amulet belonged. Hoping to find the missing key and Ilsoari's missing book, they spend 3 or 4 days traveling north to the southern tip of the Fogscar Mountains. While travelling , the party encounters a large group of bandits that decided a well armed and obviously capable party of adventurers was not to their taste.

The party found the ancient tomb and explored its depths. The place was inhabited by undead and clerics of Norgorber including one that matched the description of the cleric that purchased the key from the Green Dagger gang. They found the missing key and the missing book, however, many pages of the book were torn out. They also found a note suggesting that a group had left the tomb with the torn out pages.

Body Count: The cleric was in the forefront as the party overcame a number of zombies and skeletons. They also overcame two clerics of Norgorber.

Treasure: The possessions of the two clerics and some reward money for returning the key and book.


  1. I like this style of session recap. Not so long and arduous to write as an actual play, but just enough information to remind everyone what happened.

  2. Thanks. That is really one of the main reasons I do it is so the players can re-read them later and maybe remember some past facts.