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Friday, February 12, 2010

Conversion Note Keeping

My home is a Mac home. During my years of investment banking, I would not want to even count how many hours I spent dealing with the instability of Excel and frozen computers while trying to run complex financial simulations.

I am a subscriber to a number of Paizo product lines. One of the nice things about being a subscriber is that in addition to having a hardcopy mailed to me, I also receive a pdf of the product.

I learned today that Preview, the default Mac pdf reader, lets me annotate and mark-up pdfs. I'm sure that many (if not most) other Mac users already knew this but it was a major discovery moment for me. I spent this afternoon transferring my conversion notes for the remainder of Burnt Offerings into the pdf file.

I also have the 2E Core Rules 2.0 Expansion CD and we are keeping a campaign wiki. Besides the dice (which I will never give up) I am slowly going over to managing the game entirely using digital documents. This is quite a step for me. :)

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